The Mission Statement of Temple Child’s Way in Calgary

Temple Child’s Way program was established to provide daily care and supervision to children between the ages of three months to 12 years. Our goal is to provide dependable, affordable, quality daytime child care for those who need it.

We seek to establish an environment for children and their families that is welcoming and supportive to all. We are committed to hiring well-educated staff who value lifelong learning so that our program will continue to promote excellence in the field of early learning and child care, where children will be nurtured to develop to their fullest potential.

Our Philosophy at Temple Child’s Way

Temple Child’s Way in Calgary creates a warm, stimulating environment in an atmosphere of love and respect wherein each child is welcomed, comfortable and loved. Creating this environment allows each child to grow to their full potential, not only their personality but mind and body as well. We pride ourselves in providing an environment that allows each child the necessary opportunities to socialize, co-operate, learn to share, enjoy each other’s company, learn important problem solving skills and most importantly, learn the skills they will need to assist them in their futures.

We believe that infants, toddlers and preschool children require secure attachments and positive emotional bonds with their caregivers to develop in a healthy manner. In this atmosphere, the children are able to cultivate a sense of trust in others and gain the benefits of being confident in their ability to challenge themselves and move on to the next developmental level.

We strive to form relationships not only with each child but also each child’s family by providing an open door policy through consistent communication. We also use community resources to help bridge the relationships between the staff, families and child to benefit the child’s health and well-being.

Our program includes children with additional needs and we will work with outside resources and the child’s family to ensure the staff are able to meet the child’s special needs. We incorporate an anti-bias approach, by accepting and appreciating every child regardless of race, religion, gender or ability and incorporating multicultural awareness into many areas of the program. We provide a creative and age appropriate program to foster all development areas encouraging exploration, experimentation, discovery and creativity.

The Code of Ethics for Temple Child’s Way

At Temple Child’s Way, we have developed a code of ethics based on our beliefs and values. This code includes:

  • Treat children, families and staff as our family
  • Create an environment of inclusion, acceptance and love
  • Support our families and our community
  • Have resources available to help those who need it
  • Support optimum development by providing age appropriate toys and activities, scheduled gross motor and quiet time, fresh and nutritious food and planning that challenges the children to reach the next level of their development
  • At all times act with integrity and honesty in our business and personal practices to maintain our good standing in the community

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