Answering Your Daycare Questions in Calgary

At Temple Child’s Way, we know that parents have lots of questions for their child’s potential caregivers. We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions we receive so you can quickly get the information you need. If you have more questions about our Calgary child care centre, please contact us.

What are your hours?

6:30 AM – 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday

Do you have subsidy?

Yes, subsidy is available if you meet the financial criterion the Alberta government has set.

Is Temple Child’s Way accredited?

Yes we are in our fifth year of accreditation.

Do you provide meals?

We have a full-time cook who prepares breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.

Can you meet the needs of children with allergies?

Generally we can if the allergy is dairy or a certain food. Parents may have to supply an alternate.

Is outside food allowed?

We are a nut-free facility but yes, outside food is allowed that does not contain ANY type of nut. Birthday cakes, cookies and goodies for special occasions are welcome.

Can I send in my child's own snacks?

As long as they are nut-free and healthy, they are welcome. No candy, pop, high sugar snacks or junk food is allowed.

What if my child does not eat any or a certain type of meat?

Parents are encouraged to supplement our menu if they follow a special diet for any reason. We can accommodate most dietary restrictions but healthy alternates can be provided by the parent.

Our child is toilet training. Will that be a problem?

It’s not a problem at all. We can actually help with toilet training while your child is here.

Will you pick up my child from my house to take them to school?

No, any child we transport must be registered and attending the child care facility.

Do you take drop-in children?

If we have space on a certain day then yes, we will accept drop-in children.

Do you take part-time children?

If our regular enrollment has gaps that a part time child could use then we will accept them.

Are there any registration fees?

We have no registration or yearly fees.

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